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Kung - Fu

    Kung - Fu has only one meaning is just to fight. To fight is not to kill but first to only heal. To heal is harder thing to do than to kill. To be able to heal needs the three skills.

    First, is all about self defence. Self defence is you never hurt the other or one self, not even to challenge to hurt.

    Second, is just mercy. Mercy is just to help friend or the other, never show mercy to the enemy.

    Third, is only to medicate. To medicate either one self or other.  To medicate can mean to have healthy life and to take good care of one self.

Chi - Kung

    Chi - Kung is a light, short and easy healing meditation with and without the sequence of technique flow. Some Chi - Kung has the sequence of technique flow and some is not.

    Most benefit of practice in Chi - Kung is the ability of healing and preventing of many ailments and relaxation, happy mind. To practice Chi - Kung you do not need effort, need only effect. To effect one self is to just do it because it is just Chi - Kung.