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Jeet Kune Do

By Sitta Wangtarawut

For me, Jeet Kune Do is an honest expression of life, learning and loving.

There are no secrets.

Some basic information, and my �LPA3E� philosophy of Jeet Kune Do

The distinct guidelines for life of JKD

1. You are Alive.
2. The 3 L�s (Living, Learning and Loving).
3. Acting in the Moment or Punctuality.
4. Perfect It
5. Spontaneous Action and Honesty.
6. Functional, Dynamic Movement

    First, JKD is alive. JKD is in you. You are alive. Life belongs to you. Life is universal.

    Second, a healthy, happy Life needs the 3 L�s - Living, Learning and Loving.

    Third, Life has endless principles and theories.
Don�t let them distract you. Just do it: Act in the Present Moment, something I call Punctuality.

    Fourth, there is no such thing as perfection. Nothing is perfect. Life is not perfect. Mistakes are inevitable. But with JKD, we can try to Perfect It as much as possible.

    Fifth, Life is not so long; we don�t have time to waste learning endless forms and sequences of techniques. Life is changing every moment, so we need Spontaneous Action and Honesty.

    Sixth, we cannot respond to Life effectively by using automatic responses, and reflexive techniques. We need to adapt to Life challenges by using Functional, Dynamic Movement.

   Jeet Kune Do is honest, never-ending elementary and advanced learning, with LPA3E. Without LPA3E we cannot succeed in whatever we try to do in this lifetime.

   LPA is: Learning, Practicing and Appreciating.

   Learning is to see the truth precisely as it is, alive at this precise moment, always right now. Learning is not to move toward the truth. The process of accumulating and remembering knowledge will not give you the truth.

   We Learn by Doing; by Doing we can achieve Perfection. To strive for perfection is to learn. Real Learning is perfection; but knowledge is one-dimensional, and limited by time. JKD Learning is about cultivating awareness of what we are doing right now, in this moment.

   Practicing is all about �now action�, being in the present moment. It is not so much about how many hours you train each day, but that you maintain awareness of the present moment while you practice. You just do it every moment of your life or fail. That�s all.

   Appreciating is the love of the Practice. If you do not love the training then your heart is not in it, and sooner or later you will quit.

   3E - Easy, Effective and Economical.

   Easy to live, care for others and yourself and heal.
   Effectively allow the truth within yourself to shine, and apply this truth to everything in your life.
   Economical: the way to fight, survive and prosper without wasting time or energy. All movements must be efficient.

   To achieve success you have to help yourself, understand what you are doing, and modify what you already have learned throughout your lifetime. There are two kinds of learning: elementary learning and advanced learning.

Elementary learning is the beauty of a teacher helping students learn to help themselves.

Advanced learning occurs when a teacher has helped a student learn to be able to practice martial arts on their own, and to completely understand the practice, and how to modify their practice. Then the student is able to learn throughout his lifetime without further guidance from a teacher.


Success and certification are not the same thing. Certification means that a student has graduated: It does not necessarily mean that the student will maintain their skill level. Certification is just a part of success and of what are we doing, learning and living. To succeed is to practice real Jeet Kune Do. Jeet Kune Do is not about belts or grading form.

Intelligent Utilization

1. Profoundly understand what you have learned and what you have experienced.

2. If what you have learned works, then intelligently utilize it.

3. If what you have learned does not work, unhesitatingly discard it.

4. Create, modify and economize your own life to be more functional.

5. Open your mind on your own, and utilize only what is functional.

6. True Learning is a constant process of discovery. It is not a process of accumulation, memorizing sequences of movement, recalling past experience, or acquiring certification or diplomas. Learning is intelligent utilization of everything around you, and understanding what you still do not know.

Jeet Kune Do Stamina Cultivation

1. Healthy food intake, medication and tonification (with Chinese Herbal Medicine � Sitta�s JKD Pill) and rest. Relax, have fun and enjoy life.

2. Bone and Joint Strength improvement with the JKD Pill. Hand and foot impact exercises for bone density and joint strength. Shaolin Five Elements Strength and general health training.

3. Tendon Strengthening: with Isometric training (the Western way), Yoga, Chi Kung and Tai Chi's Internal Energy Training.

4. Muscle strength training.

5. Internal Energy Flow (Jun Fun�s Drill, Dan Innosanto's Drill, Pushing Hands and Ta Lu).

6. Build your own internal sense of Confidence.

On Fighting

Fighting is a combination of attack and defense.

The Way of Self-Defense
(Empty hand or with a weapon)

   First: if you do not want to fight, just Avoid it. If you cannot avoid confrontation, you will need to Fight.

   Second: defend yourself as your enemy prepares to attack. He is preparing to attack but has not yet launched the attack. At this instant you strike. Your strike will be effective because he is preparing to attack, not to defend himself. I call this Attack On Preparation.

  Third: you can strike to counter a Telegraphic Attack by your opponent, that is, any punch or kick you can see coming.

  Fourth: if you miss the chance to Avoid or Attack On Preparation you have to block and strike simultaneously (Single Time Hit) or attack and destroy an incoming limb (Defang the snake) using a Chinese Nerve Strike, Filipino Martial Arts and/or Thai Boxing.

  Fifth: if you cannot block and strike simultaneously, then you have to Block and Hit separately (Double Time Hit). If you are unable to defend yourself with a Double Time Hit then you will get hit.

   Sixth: understand the culture and behavior of the people where you live to avoid conflict. Be aware of the dangers that surround you to maximize your chances in a fight, to survive and live peacefully.

6 Ways of Attacking
(Empty hand or with weapons)

   First: attack with Single Direct Attack (S.D.A.) or Single Angular Attack (S.A.A.).

   Second: you may repeat your attack with a Multiple Attack (A.B.C. or Attack By Combination) after using a Single Attack.

   Third: draw the enemy�s attack by exposing yourself as an open target and then attack when he strikes (A.B.D. or Attack By Drawing). You may also provoke, anger or scare him to throw him off-balance before attacking (A.B.A. or Attack By Annoying).

   Fourth: you can trap your enemy�s limb after you attack or he attacks using Hand and Foot Immobilization Attack (H. & F.I.A.), including Trapping Hands, the Double Trap, and Trapping to counter Punches.

   Fifth: you can do a combination of feinting and Progressive Indirect Attack (P.I.A).

   Sixth: you may take Evasive Action to avoid the fight, before or after the confrontation begins.

6 Ranges of Combat

  1. & 2. Kick-Punching
  3. Trapping
  4. Infighting
  5. Neutralization of Ground Fighting
  6. Evasive Action

   The First and Second ranges are combined and I call them Kick-Punching. These involve both direct and indirect attack.

   The Third range involves Trapping of hands, feet, head and body.

   The Fourth range of Infighting employs grappling, chin na (the art of seizing; joint locking) and wrestling.  Throwing, locking, take downs and limb control. My method of developing Tai Chi internal energy flow can maximize the effectiveness of your Infighting skill, and create more openings for counterattack.

   The Fifth range of Ground Fighting is all about external energy and brute force. We train how to neutralize this external energy.

   The Sixth range, Evasive Action, may be used as the first or last resort.

Qualities of a true martial arts teacher

   You should have enough time to talk to that teacher or join his class once on a trial basis. Afterwards, you should know whether he is good for you or not.

   The true teacher should be able to guide the student in understanding self-expression through movement, and how the martial arts philosophy relates to life.

   The true teacher is still ceaselessly teaching and learning with strong desire and he does not simply teach what he was taught by his past teacher: he also shares what he does to train and learn now.

   The true teacher emphasizes learning and not certification. The certification process freezes the student from a more dynamic understanding and process of learning about life. True learning should not be rigid or depend on grades.

   With my Jeet Kune Do, there are no limits to how you want to live your life, learn and love (3L). Life is dynamic and ever-changing, and does not pause, stop or end at certain levels of certification.

   Do you need a certificate to be happy, to love, to eat, to walk, to sleep, or even to die well?!!

   Unfortunately, many people feel they need it.

   A teacher will sometimes make mistakes. And he is willing to talk to his students, or anyone, openly, with truth and honesty and respect about his actions and errors.

Qualities of a Serious student.

   The student should be serious about what he is learning and how it applies to life. A Serious student is a learner who loves Intelligent Utilization. A Serious student does not depend on a teacher. He is actually learning all the time, from life and from awareness of his own actions. A Serious student will not quit. He can learn from each experience, however short. Learning is his passion.


Some question from Students!!!

What is Jeet Kune Do?

Jeet Kune Do is not a form. It is the real movement of fighting; real action to survive, and be really happy in life.

Why is Jeet Kune Do functional?

Serious fighting must be based on the principles of 3E (must be Easy, Effective, Economical). Easy to live, to fight, to survive. Effective to do, to work, and to get whatever it is you want in life. Economical means not wasting time, energy and motion. 3E is action for life. Jeet Kune Do Fighters have already been fighting, surviving and living happily with the principles of 3E.

Can I learn Jeet Kune Do?

Yes, because the principles of Jeet Kune Do are all around you. You already have acquired LMA (Learning, Maintaining, Appreciating) in other aspects of your life. If you do not Maintain what you have learned then you are finished. If you do not appreciate the Maintenance of what you have learned then you are finished. And if you have not yet learned the movements of fighting yet, how to survive then you probably need to learn it.

You need to learn in class from a teacher, to learn in a real world environment, not by reading magazine articles, books, or other media. If you want 3E for fighting application you can learn it in my class. I can properly teach you to fight with 3E (3E means Jeet Kune Do) to live and survive.

When should I use it?

It is up to you. You just decide for yourself.

Why do I have to fight?

Why I must fight? Because you do not want to get hurt, be sick or ill, have a problem or be dead. You must heal, cure, resolve, survive, and sometimes fight to live happily, mustn't you?

It is the same as asking �why must I eat�?

Why must we eat?

Because we will be dead if we stop eating.


How can I eat?

Go to buy food or beg for it, if you do not work and have no money. If you work and have money, then you do not need to beg, do you? Just buy some food!!!

When I will eat?

It is never up to me to eat. It depends on when I am hungry.

How do I fight?

How must I fight and live? Fight and live your life according to the principles of 3E (Easy, Effective, Economical). Don�t give up, or abandon hope, like a beggar: this is dying, not living.

When do I fight?

You are living now. So you must fight in the present moment. The past is a memory and the future is only in our minds. You cannot fight when you are thinking about the past or the future.

Why should I learn Jeet Kune Do? I am already training other martial arts?

You do not need to learn Jeet Kune Do because someone told you you must learn Jeet Kune Do. You learn Jeet Kune Do if you feel you need it. If you decide to really learn Jeet Kune Do you can study  it alongside the other arts that you are practicing.

Just make sure you seriously Maintain any martial art you have learned throughout your life, and continue training.

Fighting needs to be 3E (Easy, Effective, Economical - do not waste time, energy, action) to survive, live happily. You can train these 3E principles with Jeet Kune Do fighting.

In Jeet Kune Do fighting there are six ranges. 3E for punching, 3E for kicking, 3E for trapping, 3E for grappling, 3E for ground fighting, 3E for running like hell.


Why do I need 3E to fight?

You do not need 3E if you already can fight. When you can fight you can fight. You really have to make sure for yourself that you can fight, and fight well!!! But if you cannot fight then you need to find out why you are unable. So now you learn 3E to fight. 3E means Easy, Effective, Economical fighting.

Where can I learn this 3E?

Everywhere you can learn. You can also learn with me. To maintain what you have trained with me or any teacher is very important and necessary. If you do not maintain what you have learned or trained then the 3E principles you have learned will be useless. If you really want to learn, you must also train and practice.